Privacy Statement

Our objective is to share lots of information about your business with the world through websites, social media channels and online marketing. However, we treat your privacy very seriously and we promise to protect your sensitive personal information and to share only information that you are happy for us to.

We’ve developed this privacy statement so that you are clear on how we handle your personal data.                        

1.      Information collection 

a)      In order to provide you with effective services, we require you to provide us with a variety of information.

b)      We will collect information from you through various channels including face-to-face meetings, online meetings, telephone calls, email, instant messaging and through social media accounts.

c)      The information we collect falls within one of three categories:

i.            Sensitive personal information, such as financial, health or individual identity information (such as your ethnicity or sexual orientation) – we are unlikely to require sensitive personal information but we may become aware of this information in the course of getting to know you and developing a working relationship with you.

ii.            Personal information, such as your name, address, personal contact email, affiliations and memberships and any personal interests you have.

iii.            Business information, such as your business plans and objectives, business contact details, pricing information, service information and information about your competitors.

2.      Information security 

a)      We will maintain a customer relationship database which records your personal contact information and business information so that we can maintain an understanding of your business, the services you have subscribed to and a history of our transactions with you.

b)      Only our partners will have access to our customer relationship database.

c)      Our database will be held on a secure server and will be password protected. It will also be backed up to a secure local server.

d)      Your personal information will not be held in any other location.

3.      Information usage 

a)      We will use the information you provide us with for the following purposes:

i.            To understand your business, your business goals and your social media goals.

ii.            To provide you with advice and recommendations that are relevant to you and your business.

iii.            To develop content for any of your social media accounts or websites that we are managing on your behalf. We reserve the right to edit such information so that it is suitable for the intended platform(s).

iv.            To tell others in our social networks about the business services that you provide, your terms of service and other relevant business information.

v.            To contact you to inform you about changes to our business, your contract or other matters relating to our relationship with you.

vi.            To contact you to inform you about offers, promotions and discounts from our partners and associates where these are relevant to you and your business.

b)      If we want to use your information for any other purpose, we will seek your consent to do so.

4.      Information sharing 

a)      We will never share your sensitive personal information, unless required for the exceptional circumstance listed under 4(e) below.

b)      We will only share your personal information with your explicit consent, unless that information is already in the public domain, for example published on one of your social media accounts.

c)      We may share your business information through a range of online and printed media in order to promote your business. We will not share anything that you explicitly request us not to share, for example, if something is commercially sensitive and would give your competitors an advantage at the current time.

d)      We will share information about you and your business where we identify individuals and/or groups that might benefit from your services and might therefore be likely to purchase from you.

e)      We may be required to share information with law enforcement agencies where requested to do so. In such cases, we will only share the information requested and will not share more than is reasonably necessary for the purposes of the prevention or detection of crime.

5.      Access to your information 

a)      We are legally bound to ensure that the information we hold about you is necessary to hold, is accurate and is used only for the purposes that we have said it will be used for.

b)      You have a right to see the information that we hold about you. You can make a request called a Subject Access Request, which is your right under the Data Protection Act.

c)      We reserve a right to charge a fee for such a Subject Access Request which will be no more than the legal maximum allowed.

d)      We will generally supply information in an electronic format as this is how we hold data. Any paper records we create during discussions with you are not normally kept once key information has been added to our database.

6.      Your right to have information corrected or removed 

a)      If we hold any information about you that is inaccurate or misleading, you have a right to ask us to correct that information.

b)      We will make changes as soon as reasonably possible after you make the request.

c)      We have a right and may be legally obliged to retain certain information about you, for example details of our financial transactions with you for the period required for financial and tax purposes.

7.      Other rights and responsibilities 

a)      Any information that we obtain about you that is already available in the public domain will not be considered to be private information and we will not treat it as such.

b)      Any information that you obtain about 2Sprout, our partners or associates that is of a commercially sensitive nature is deemed to be strictly confidential. We will take action to protect our commercial interests should information of this nature be disclosed to our competitors or made available in the public domain.

c)      This privacy statement is not exhaustive and you are protected by data protection legislation and any other relevant laws in force that protect your privacy.