About Us

The Origin

2Sprout was created in 2017, forged by three friends, Julie, Ken and Tony, over an afternoon cuppa with a true believe that everyone should be allowed a slice of the cake.

It was common knowledge to them that any business or service, however small or large, would benefit from online presence in our fast and forever expanding digital world. They knew an online presence would enhance reputation, build trust with potential customers and increase engagement and sales. They were also aware that costs, time and technical know-how were the major barriers preventing most businesses and individuals from achieving it.  Many web design companies seem to only want to share their slice of love with a selected few – those with deep pockets.

And so, 2Sprout came into existence, a limited company where a partnership founded on the believe that amazing websites and online presence are for everyone, affordable yet professional with no corners cut, so every kind of business and individual can be supported to get started and to build a visible online presence.

Everyone should get a taste of the cake, life’s sweeter with 2Sprout.